Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mystery Classmate #132

Congratulations to Kelly Sauer Mazon, Donna Andreas Copley, and Nancy Ondick Hahn, who correctly identified Mystery Classmate #132, Marc Schanfarber, and are listed in the order that their responses were received.

In case you were wondering, Marc writes, “This was shot at Baldface, a cat skiing operation in British Columbia, in March 2005 after a big dump of about 16" of snow. I've been a skiing addict since high school, an instructor since the 1992-93 season, and a faithful devotee of freshly fallen powder wherever it may be. Thoughts of high school skiing go out to Kelly Sauer Mazon, Phil Pretter, Sue Coyne Glover, Eric Caplan, Erin Keeley Shorthouse, Doug Mackay, Angela Painter Radigan, and many others that were part of the ski club that went to Seven Springs week after week for a few months each year. I know there are more, but I can't think of them at the moment. It's 28 degrees here in Germantown, Maryland tonight, and I'm certainly thinking of snow that is on the way.”

Several classmates had fond memories of Marc. Kelly Sauer Mazon wrote, “He tried to teach me to ski! One time and that was it. I guess I was a lost cause. Marc is a great guy! We missed him at the reunion!”

Nancy Ondick Hahn added, “Marc was one of the many 1984 graduates that went to Penn State University. I wonder if he remembers drinking the whiskey and Cokes in his dorm during many of our underage drinking happy hours??? I also recall one of his best Halloween costumes. Marc always reminded me of Dustin Hoffman and boy did he pull off an amazing Tootsie look-alike for one of the Halloween parties. I really should try to find that picture… it's truly a classic! He soon joined a fraternity and I would only get to see him here or there around the campus. He looks great in the photo and I bet that's not a shot from the slopes of PSU! Oh, and of course, go LIONS!!!”

Maria Wojtaszek Romanelli guessed Matt McKeever. Joe Caprara guessed Mike Cenna. Karen Campbell Ricci guessed Todd Hochlinski.

Coleman Brennan guessed Jack Horner. Milton Koutavas guessed Franz Klamer. Paul Rodgers guessed Alberto Tomba.

Dan Talbert guessed Simon Schiffman, and added, “I know he went to Colorado to become a ski bum in the early 90's and this picture is exactly how I picture him spending his days. Bastard. Somewhere though, I've got a good one of him wiping out during a St. John Fisher ski retreat to Blue Knob. Looks like he's improved a bit.”

Pam Pristas Dwyer, Damon Johncour, and John Plack guessed Kirk Rapport. Damon wrote, “I remember the brown tricked out pick-up and the hill climbs up the hill in front of CHS.” John added that Kirk was “a skiing MADMAN.”

Mystery Classmate #131

Mystery Classmate #131 proved a little too difficult for anyone to identify. He is B.T. Fullerton (’82), on the left.

In case you were wondering, B.T. received the Faithful Servant Award at the 2005 Tommy Maddox Foundation Comeback Kid Awards gala, and is pictured with the Steeler quarterback. The gala website provides the following write-up:

“This year's Faithful Servant Award goes to William T. Fullerton, a District Attorney in Butler County. Known as ‘BT’ to all of his friends, but don't let the snappy lawyer nickname fool you. BT is a caring individual who works tirelessly to prosecute many of the cases brought in by the Butler County Investigators. Many of the investigators consider BT one of their closest friends and strongest resources.

“Often, he can be found at the courthouse working late nights and on the weekends, preparing for trials or other court actions. BT often takes the time to interview the victims personally, showing his compassion for protecting our kids. His guidance and leadership to police officers is second to none. BT lets no question go unanswered and never throws in the towel. BT takes all that you give him, tells you how and where you may get more and gives the officer all the credit when the conviction is complete. Just when everyone is patting themselves on the back for successfully prosecuting a sexual abuser, BT is there preparing the file for the Megan's Law report ensuring the abusers will ALWAYS have to report their residence to the State Police.

“BT wrote and organized a countywide protocol for the response and prosecution of child abuse cases, which joined all Police Departments, the District Attorney's Office and Children and Youth Workers in a united effort. He tirelessly works on cases and often finds the minute details that keep the abusers in prison. BT belongs to a number of local organizations and works for the Butler County Historical Society.

“BT Fullerton rarely gets praise outside of the Police Departments or the District Attorney's Office. His cases aren't pretty. Most involve the most terrible situations one can think of. BT works through that to ensure the child victims are treated with dignity and respect. He does this work for one reason; to protect our children by ensuring that no other child will be hurt by their abuser again. These cases are the hardest to prosecute and often the most frustrating to investigate. BT Fullerton always carries a smile, and gives hope to those who want our community to be a safer place for our children.”

Amy Petrina Tarantini guessed Steve Callas. Karen Campbell Ricci guessed Keith Kennedy. Greg Markantone guessed Cleveland Furby.

Paul Rodgers guessed Doug Flutie.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mystery Classmate Blog wins an Award

The Mystery Classmate blog won its first-ever award - the Tawwdy. Fittingly enough, it was won last year and I am just finding out about it now. Thanks to Classmate Brian Behler (link at right) for the nomination. And thanks to all the little people - yes, Bill Stout, I'm looking at you - for making it all possible.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mystery Classmate #130

Mystery Classmate #130 proved a little too difficult for anyone to identify, and the Halloween costume could not have helped. He is Chris Copetas ('87).

In case you were wondering, Chris writes, “After graduating from Churchill, I attended Penn State. After five enjoyable years I was forced to graduate and I took my Liberal Arts degree to the only place I thought I could get a job, Washington, DC. After stops at The Congressional Research Service (a division of the Library of Congress) and a few private sector jobs along the way, I landed back at the Library of Congress where I work as a digital conversion project manager. My wife Kaare and I live in a quirky old house on Capitol Hill. Our small family includes one cat that we discovered under the front porch shortly after buying the house. I imagine we'll take in another small refugee this winter.

"My passion (read obsession) is playing a manic amount of softball in the spring and summer and coaching the Library of Congress softball team. The rest of my time is spent trying to teach my wife about the fascinating world of sports, doin' a bit of traveling and the endless task of keeping our house and garden from falling into a state of disrepair.

"I make it back to Pittsburgh at least once a month to visit my mom who still lives in Blackridge and to attend the occasional Steeler game with my brother Ted (’90) who lives in Cincinnati, OH with his wife and their three kids. I'm a firm believer that DC is a large extended suburb of Pittsburgh. Lots of transplants down here. There's a great Pittsburgh bar (PA Avenue Pourhouse) a short walk from my house. If you find yourself in DC and you just can't find a place to watch a Steeler or Pens game, feel free to drop me a note...

"Unfortunately I have precious few memories of Churchill High as I daydreamed my way through those three years. Must've been a residual effect of spending my freshman year at Central Catholic or the numerous blunt head traumas I received during my seasons as a tackling dummy on the football team... I don't have a website or blog but we do keep a photo site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/christoc/."

Kelly O'Connor guessed Jimmy Anweiler. Jerry Koutavas guessed Brad Drago, Bob Burt, Kevin Borellis or Johnny Hickey and added that Kaare must be Mary Brandenstein.

Donna Andreas Copley did not guess, but wondered just how young Chris's wife is. Joe Caprara thought that Chris looks like fellow rocker Bryan Adams.

Ted Smith wrote, “It is former principal Paul Englert and this was an exhibit at his trial.”

After the reveal, Beth “TGIF” Chufo Nichols wrote, “Wow, I would have never guessed him! I remember Chris and his brother, Teddy, were the ‘little kids’ in our neighborhood (although my sister was in his class!) and on the Blackridge summer swim team. They always had a street hockey game set up at the far end of Jamestown and we would watch them from my girlfriend, Amy Phillips (Penn Hills '89) house, scurry when the PAT bus would zoom down the street towards them. Sometimes we would LET them play Sharks and Minnows or Blindman's Bluff in the deep end of the pool, because we were so COOL!”

Justin Falgione, 1965-2008

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Justin J. Falgione, 43, on October 29, 2008. Justin was a devoted son and brother, a loyal friend to many, a committed husband, and most of all a loving father to his eight-year-old daughter, Jennie. Justin grew up on Burlington Road in Forest Hills and graduated from Churchill High School in 1983. Family and friends hope to celebrate Justin's life by endowing a scholarship at Westminster College in his name. If you would like more information on how you can help, contact Bernie Taylor and Peter Goslin at falgionescholarship@gmail.com.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mystery Classmate 129

Congratulations to Coleman Brennan, Pam Van Cara Collis, Pam Pristas Dwyer, Deb Faskow Feller, Celesta Van Sickel Bjornson, Lisa Smith, Kelly Sauer Mazon, Leslie Rush Cuda, Stephanie Papazis Neuschwander, Michele Sherer Ancheta, Linda Wolff, Beth Chufo Nichols, Staci Blagovich Dunbar, Kira Bartlett Kenyherz, and Chad Calabria, all of whom correctly identified Tony Seko ('84) as Mystery Classmate #129 and are listed in the order that their responses were received.

Several classmates shared fond memories of Tony. Pam Van Cara Collis, Kelly Sauer Mazon, Michele Sherer Ancheta, Linda Wolff, and Chad Calabria saw Tony at this summer's Class of '84 reunion and thought that he looks great and/or exactly the same, and is very funny and nice besides. Michele added that Tony was her prom date.

Beth Chufo noted that “Tony's girlfriend was cool and a real trooper to hang out with all of us after the reunion at the old Sand Trap.”

Lisa Smith wrote, “Tony is the friend that I've known the longest and, fortunately, get to see every 10 years or so! I think that most will agree that he is as sweet and kind as he was when we were in kindergarten together at Chalfant Elementary 35 years ago!”

In case you were wondering, Tony lives in North Carolina and works for Time Warner Cable. Thanks to Damon Johncour for the picture.

Amy Chufo Prezelski guessed Steve Sanok. Jerry Koutavas guessed Carl “Skip” Adametz.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mystery Classmate 128

Congratulations to Jerry Koutavas, who correctly identified Scott Rosenfeld (’83) as Mystery Classmate #128.

In case you were wondering, Scott obtained his bachelors of Arts from The University of Pittsburgh in 1992 and his massage therapy training from Career Training Academy's 600 hour Therapeutic Massage Program in 1999. Upon graduation he has continued his education in the specialty of On-Site or Seated Massage, which allows him the diversity to give massages in such locations as corporate offices, stores, schools, hospitals, wellness fairs, parks and other locations.

Since joining The Bright Yoga and Healing Arts Center's team Scott has already brought his massage chair to various locations around town and invites you to contact us to schedule his appearance at your place of work or worship or play.

Joe Caprara guessed David Kotler. Greg Markantone guessed Kevin Cervi. Bill Stout guessed Chris Marshall.

Milton Koutavas guessed Andy Gass. Amy Petrina Tarantini guessed “a Stamera or Jay Constable.” Donna Andreas Copley considered John Flaherty, Tim Williams, and her brother John Andreas, but didn’t commit to any of the three.

Megan Mahoney really worked her brain. She wrote, “My first thought was that #128 looked a little "Rich Reschoff-y" but too thin, especially across the shoulders. After some thought, I am pretty sure that is not Rich, and lean a little to Joe Zezza, but still have my doubts, recalling that his shoulders were a little broader too. Maybe I should think on it some more. He does look familiar, but can't place him for sure.”

Many respondents complained about the poor photo quality. This would be a good time to remind everyone that you are invited to send a picture – of yourself or someone else – for future guessing.

Mystery Classmate 127

Congratulations to Milton Koutavas, Ria Callas Kartsonas, Kimberly Hall, Megan Mahoney, Greg Markantone, Stephanie Papazis Neuschwander, Karen Campbell Ricci, Maria Wojtaszek Romanelli, Melissa Mahoney Kortyna, Jerry Koutavas, and Amy Chufo Prezelski, all of whom correctly identified Mike Zanic (’82) as Mystery Classmate #127 and are listed in the order that their responses were received.

Several classmates shared fond memories of Mike. Milton Koutavas wrote, “Mike has always been a good person and a leader. Our families have had a lot of good times with one another over the years. I will never forget some of those Pitt - Penn State games at the Zanics’ house back in the day or basketball practice with the church.”

Milton’s brother Jerry Koutavas noted that Mike is of Greek descent, and added, “What was great about visiting Mike's family was the opportunity to learn boxing trivia by visiting Mike's neighbor, the notorious saxophonist and boxing trivia guru Lenny Rinchiuso ('85).”

Megan Mahoney remembered that Mike was smart and that he played soccer. Her sister Melissa Mahoney Kortyna added that Mike was “one of the most intelligent people I have known. He was a wonderful friend and scholastic rival (he always won) from first grade at Woodside on up through our high school graduation.”

Ria Callas Kartsonas wrote, “What a stud!”

In case you were wondering, Mike is an attorney with Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham LLP, in Pittsburgh. He has concentrated his practice in the area of complex, commercial litigation with emphasis in insurance coverage litigation, toxic tort-related bankruptcies, and environmental litigation, including representation of the debtors in the largest asbestos and silica-related pre-packaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed in the United States.

Mike joined Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham in 1989 and became a partner in 1997. He has been selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America and was selected by the Pittsburgh Business Times in 2004 as a "Fast Tracker," an award that recognizes business professionals under the age of 45 who are making a difference in Pittsburgh and the surrounding community. In 2004 and 2005, Mike was designated as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer® in the field of insurance coverage by Law and Politics magazine.

Leslie Rush Cuda guessed Ken Fetsick. Susan Marchl Young guessed Maneck Kapadia. Andrew “Bearsy” Plack guessed Lloyd Tucker.

Mike Kuzy guessed a Davliakos – but didn’t specify George, John, Connie or Jim. David Kotler guessed Bob Vila. Keith Shipley guessed Steve, Al Bundy's neighbor from Married with Children.

Sharon Dollard Cannella guessed Adam Karsten, and shared a funny story. She wrote, “I didn't know Adam well in school, but I remember going to Europe with him (and you as well). The memory of him that stands out the most took place at a Beer Garden in Germany. Mr. Blangero told us we could each have one "mass" (liter) of beer, and left us alone while he sat at a table with other chaperones. I don't know if you remember, but our parents signed forms saying we were allowed to have one, and only one, beer on the entire trip. In the meantime, Adam drank a second liter and ordered a third. When Mr. Blangero returned to ask Adam if he was drinking a second beer, the waitress brought over his third beer. Adam knew he had been caught and paid the waitress. Then Mr. Blangero took Adam's beer and chugged the whole thing. We were all very impressed!”

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mystery Classmate 126

Congratulations to Lauren Hoener Nace and Brian “S.D.” Stevenson, both of whom sort-of correctly identified Dave Weidenhamer (’84) as Mystery Classmate #126, and are listed in the order that their responses were received.

However, once again there was a controversy over the photo.

Dave Weidenhamer wrote, “Well, this is a most interesting photograph. This was the first job I had when I moved to Gettysburg over two years ago. A few months after I started, and much to my amazement, Lauren Hoener Nace came on board. It took me a few minutes to convince her
I had gone to elementary school with her and her sister, Kim.

“However, I don't see Lauren or myself in this picture. You can't dispute that is a male from the clothing. So that rules out Lauren, who's not that tall anyway, and my face isn't that angelic anymore! I do believe this is an old photo as the fellow on the far left has been dead for almost four years. (Editor’s Note: Well, duh, it’s a Ghost Tour! Finally some truth in advertising!) It could be that they have a new guy that sort of looks like him, and this is a new guy, but then other details in the picture would be different. Katie, the little girl would be taller, the company name would be on the sign, the background would be different. So, if it's not supposed to be me - and it's not - then I don't know who it is. And I can't imagine that a third Churchill grad would have worked for this company and no one would've brought it up before.”

Later, Dave added, “Sorry, it's not me. I just showed the photo to my co-worker, and he informs me the picture is at least five years old, and the two kids in the back were Gettysburg High School students.”

Lauren concurred with at least part of the story. She wrote, “Dave and I actually did the ghostwalks together in Gettysburg, but we have both since retired from the business. He is a newlywed and I still see him and Terah around town every now and then. He is a sweetheart!”

So, that wasn’t him. Kudos to Lauren and S.D. for guessing correctly anyway. In the interest of accuracy, a photo of the real Dave “Sweetheart” Weidenhamer is posted as well. He’s the one on the boat.

And, in case you were wondering, Dave writes, “My wife Terah and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary at the end of September while moving into our new home near Waynesboro, PA, about 25 miles from Gettysburg. No kids - yet. I work as an Instructor for the Training Division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (yes, FEMA). I work in a reservist capacity, so when I'm not developing materials or traveling to disasters, I put in some hours at a history book store and at a "wet-plate" photography studio in Gettysburg.”

Ted Showers guessed Ron Ways. Karen Campbell Ricci guessed Clay Aiken. Kira Kenyherz Bartlett guessed Adam Karsten.

Jerry Koutavas guessed Kevin Cervi. Paul Rodgers guessed Daniel Boone. Mike Kuzy guessed Brian Talbert, or his brother Dan Talbert.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

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